Lower price - better experience

Short term apartment rent in Klaipėda

Lower price - better experience

Short term apartment rent in Klaipėda
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All offers are located in down town!

About Baltic Rest

Our main goal is to provide high quality accommodation at an affordable price and to ensure that our guests find everything they need for a comfortable daily life in this city.

Cozy dwellings, fitted to all safety standards, will ensure a cozy rest, while self-catering will make you feel at home.

Long-term experience ensures the highest quality

We started our activity back in 1996, so during this year we have not only learned how to fulfill our clients' expectations, but we are also pleased with the large number of regular clients. The apartments are constantly updated, adapted to the changing needs of the clients and in line with the latest aesthetic trends.

No matter what you are planning: a short family getaway from your daily routine or company vacation - you'll find the perfect solution anyway

However, it is not only up-to-date accommodations that ensure guest comfort - the service provider communicates with the business owner, thus avoiding the time and expense of middleman services. In addition, all the rented accommodation is located in the Old Town of Klaipeda, which means you can enjoy easy access, variety of shopping centers, stylish cafes and impressive architecture of this city.

No matter what you are planning: a short family getaway from your daily routine or a corporate vacation - you'll always find the perfect solution: enjoy a comfortable stay with the most beautiful views. Contact us now - we'll listen to your needs and suggest the one that suits you best.

Tourist Attractions in Klaipeda

Stay in any of our accommodations and get quick and easy
access to Old Town attractions.
Learn more about them.

Theater Square
It is the central square of Klaipeda Old Town, where various fairs, Castle Jazz Festival and Sea Festival events take place all the time. In this square you will also see several structures that have become the symbol of the whole city: the sculpture of Tarawa Anike, which was erected in memory of the poet Simon Dach, and the Ark Monument, weighing more than 150 tons.
History Museum of Lithuania Minor
The history of Lithuania and Klaipėda is very rich, so don't miss the opportunity to visit this museum and get acquainted with the exhibits that surround them. The museum was founded back in 1924 and has a total of about 100,000 exhibits. Various studies, expeditions, ongoing projects and educational activities are also organized: Bread Path, Amber Path, candle making lessons, Christmas and Easter classes, etc.
Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall (full name - Exhibition Hall of Klaipėda Culture Communication Center) organizes national and international contemporary art projects, presents cultural works of various authors; organizes exhibitions, fairs, events of various artistic fields.
Fachwerk buildings
In the Old Town of Klaipeda you will also see buildings of the Fachwerk style (Fachwerk - a classic Western European architectural style, where the buildings are identified by the vertical and horizontal framing of the elements, and the walls are filled with stone, clay, brick or fiber). Some of them have various art workshops.